Hornady A-TIP Match Rifle Bullets available sale


Description: A-Tip Match Bullet
Bullet Type: A-Tip
Quantity: 100
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Hornady A-TIP Match Rifle Bullets

Hornady A-TIP Match Rifle Bullets

Accurate, deadly, dependable – and more than that – Hornady® A-TIP™ Match Rifle Bullets virtually redefine aerodynamics. How did they do that? These Hornady bullets feature a precision-machined, aluminum tip, which is longer than polymer tips, which moves the center of gravity for enhanced flight stability. Its smooth aeroballistically advanced tip reduces drag variability, increasing accuracy for tight groups downrange. Its overall design delivers a perfect blend of ogive, tip length, bearing surface, and optimized boattail, which all works together to keep air drag at an absolute minimum. The redesigned AMP® bullet jackets have virtually zero jacket wall thickness variation, for superb, accuracy enhancing concentricity. Hornady® A-TIP Match Rifle Bullets – where the lowest drag meets up with the highest performance.

  • Precision-machined, aluminum tip enhances flight stability
  • Tip reduces drag variability


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