Hornady V-Max Rifle Bullets. available sale


Bullet Type: V-Max
Quantity: 100
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Hornady V-Max Rifle Bullets

Hornady V-Max Rifle Bullets

Perfect for bothersome varmints! Hornady® V-Max® Rifle Bullets have a polymer tip that causes rapid fragmentation at all velocities. This violent disruption is further aided by the swaged lead core, which is precisely formed with a cavity beneath the tip that causes the polymer insert to act as a wedge. Its streamlined design provides ultra-flat trajectories and added stability out of the barrel. Match-grade jackets maximize overall accuracy. Some weights and calibers are available with a molybdenum disulfide coating that improves velocity and accuracy and reduces barrel wear. Even in long-range, low-velocity situations, Hornady V-Max Rifle Bullets initiate dramatic fragmentation, making them deadly on varmints.

  • Perfect for bothersome varmints
  • Polymer tip causes rapid fragmentation
  • Streamlined design for ultra-flat trajectories
  • Lead core is formed with a cavity
  • Match-grade jackets maximize accuracy


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