Hornady A-Max Bullets -30 Caliber -168 Grain. available sale


Caliber/Gauge: 30
Grain: 168
Bullet Type: A-Max
Diameter: 0.308
Quantity: 100
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Hornady A-Max Bullets

Hornady A-Max Bullets

Hornady┬« engineered an extremely aerodynamic profile on the A-Max┬« bullet that produces the highest ballistic coefficient possible per bullet weight and yields super flat trajectories. Hornady’s AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) turns out some of the most consistently concentric bullet jackets available and is the foundation of the A-Max Bullet’s superb accuracy. Every aspect of the Hornady A-Max bullet, from the sharp, pointed tip to the angle of the boat-tail base helps you print your tightest, long-range groups ever.


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