Hodgdon Triple 7 Magnum Blackpowder Pellets, available sale


Hodgdon Triple 7 Magnum

Hodgdon Triple 7 Magnum

Reach out a little bit further on your next muzzleloader hunt with Hodgdon®’s Triple 7 Magnum Blackpowder Pellets. Easy cleaning like Hodgdon’s 7 Seven pellets, 2 Magnum pellets can deliver an additional 200-to-250 fps over standard muzzleloading pellets. These sulfur-free pellets come pre-measured and compressed for quick and easy loading. Enjoy muzzle velocities of nearly 2000 fps in most 26” inline muzzleloaders with the newest Triple 7 offering. Use with in-line muzzleloaders using 209 primers.

  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean muzzleloading propellent with a little more kick


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